Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Something fishy.

Now that "The Cods of Cape Cod" is wrapping up (just finishing up the cover now) I thought I'd post some old doodles and color tests I found in the dusty corners of ye olde PCe. Yea, aging computers get the old-timey "e" as they slow down. It's just part of growing up and getting olde.

Anyway, here's a shark that actually doesn't appear in the book at all, and a fish that I think I drew so that I could try my hand at sand.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Boston Balloonies arrived in Holland"

When we met Greet and Ineke from Amsterdam during our Blackstone's visit in Boston, they promised to write us and send along a photo. Wel, they did! The Balloonies have found a happy home in Holland as a memory of their trip to America. Happy to be part of that, Greet and Ineke.

Below is the message we recieved:

"Dear David and Ed,

The Boston Balloonies did arrive in Holland safely! We enjoyed reading it and it will be a nice rememberance to a wonderful visit. We had a great time. Not only in Boston but also in the whole of New England. We made this tour heading north to Portland, west to Lincoln and Stowe and south to Springfield and Cape Cod. How lovely this area is, we wish we could have stayed longer.

We hope the book signing worked out well. We wish you all the success of the world.

Kind regards,

Greet and Ineke
Amsterdam, Holland

Monday, October 6, 2008

Boston wrap-up!

With a successful and extremely enjoyable Boston Balloony book-tour weekend behind us, I'm sending thanks to our amazing new friends at Blackstone's on Beacon Hill, The Old North Church Gift Shop, and the Bostonian Society for being such great hosts to Ed and I.

At Blackstone's, a portion of the proceeds went to the Max Warburg Courage Curriculum. (Click here to donate) Representatives from the Max Warburg Courage Curriculum were on hand to answer questions and supply us with cookies.

Perfect fall weather, hot coffee, welcoming hosts and an invigorating buzz around the success of Balloonies ... a solid trip!