Saturday, July 5, 2008


We sign things. Books, too.

More signing ...

REAL moose cake. Many thanks to Stacy Duffy of South Portland for creating this wonderful little piece of awesomeness.

Is that not the coolest thing you've ever seen?

Toby Lightman sings about us.
(disclaimer: Toby Lightman did not really sing about us)

A big BIG thanks to everyone who came out to Freeport's L.L.Bean today to visit Ed and I for our launch of "Moose!" The day was a HUGE success, and we have no one to thank but you!
Also, we'll be starting up Ed's author blog this week, so stop by again to get the link.

Thanks again, Freeport. It's been an amazing experience!


Jason said...

Congratulations, Dave! I'm glad it went well! We are all wishing you well, dude!

David said...

hi dave. this is jessica, dave spellman's girlfriend. we were going to come up and see you but dave was too busy to see his friends. oh and he said he hates you. but i wanted to see you and get a book signed. just sayin.

Jason said...

those pictures are great! Look at that cake! It's perfect! Did a lot of kids show up for the signing?


Dave O'Neill said...

Hi Jessica! I had a feeling it was all Dave's fault that you didn't make it up. You just don't seem that cruel, you know? hahaa. I kid. Don't sweat it. Hope you both had a great weekend.

Dave O'Neill said...

Jason- Yea man, we had upwards of 300 kids, families, couples, groups. It was a huge success. The cake helped! hahaha Everything is more fun on an intense sugar high.